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Friday, 15 May 2009

To Twitter or not?

At the same time as starting this blog, I have been experimenting with Twitter. Yes, I am really trying to get to grips with this new world of communication!

This is my diary of experiences with Twitter - I'll update it as I gain new experiences.

7/5 - Not sure what to do now I'm on Twitter. Decide to "follow" some intelligent colleagues at work that I think probably have something interesting to say. Connect to 3 friends. Decide my so called intelligent colleagues are twittering tivia. "my wifi is broke, I'm on the train" kind of updates. Hmm, begin to wonder what all the fuss is about. Also begin to wonder if my so called intelligent colleagues are that intelligent after all. Begin to think that playing in the web world might actually have a negative impact on your image.
8/5 - Discover, whilst twittering, that you can only post 140 characters. What's that all about? Spend 5 mins trying to get my post within the limits. Decide "sms lingo" is probably the only way to do this, but I never got the knack - my sms msgs are always spelt out in English. Dratt - a 21st century skill I am missing!
8/5 - Twitter to a colleague that I can't really see the point, it all seems to be trivia. Am pointed at @secrettweet as an example of somthing interesting. Hmmm, seems to be a place you can twitter anonymously and confess your sins. Am feeling a little uncomfortable - is my colleague confessing bizarre things here. Not sure I like this, seems a bit voyeuristic. Decide @secrettweet is definitely not for me!
13/5 - Discover NASA are on twitter - a little more interesting (does this make me a geek)!
13/5 - Find GuyKawaski on Twitter - interesting guy, decide to follow him. Get deluged by tweets - does this guy do anything else? He seems to be a professional twitterer - maybe he has someone to type for him?
14/5 - Astro_Mike, first twitter from space - definitely interesting
15/5 - Discover that my replies to others tweets don't get linked in to the original - so I reply to yesterday's tweet from a prolific twitterer and my reply isn't linked to the "one of many" tweets they made. This makes conversations impossible to follow. Decide this is a major drawback.

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