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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My Twitter experience update

OK, a while since I experimented with Twitter, and time enough for me to formulate some informed thoughts, those being:
1. I'm never going to bother to use a web client - I need an app running that makes it a doddle for me to post. Personally that means Nambu on the mac or Twitterific on the iPhone.
2. The hot women that keep asking to follow me are doing so because I'm interesting or sexy. It's spam - I haven't bothered to work out how this works, but I'm certain this is spam.....or I really have acquired magical babe-magnet powers. I think I know which one.
3. Twitter is still a relatively new phenomenon and so its use hasn't settled down. Some people twitter odd things, some pointless things - over time this will shake out and its true usefulness will appear - and that isn't broadcasting the status of your wifi connection.
4. Some things Twitter might seem idea for, but it isn't. I'm a mac fan - getting the low-down on announcements during a Steve Jobs speach in real time is kind of important (!). You can get this on Twitter, but its much quicker on various web sites. Twitter is not good for real-time updates. It's more store-and-forward that real-time, it would appear.
5. Some people live their lives in Twitter. That's OK, but its not for me. Twitter will always be an occasional thing for me. I live in the real world, don't expect me to post everything I do. I know you aren't interested, and I can't be bothered.

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